MIC is a service provider for your built environment. We produce quality and cost effective management and consultancy work to deliver your project with us on time

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All the professionals in Management International Consultancy LLC are computer-trained to operate and utilize a comprehensive range of software capabilities, e.g. PC-based CAD workstations, engineering analytical programmes. This will help to produce detailed accurate reports and documents that comply with most industry standards.
MIC has its own team of multi-talented designers who are capable of producing high-quality multimedia productions for our clients, which include 3D visualization, 3D animation, and video production.
With our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, we are confident that we posses all the required skills to satisfy your needs and REALISE YOUR VISION.
Some major projects in United Arab Emirates and Asia
Dubai Twin Tower , Dubai
G+M+11, Gurfa, Fujairah
G+M+12, Al Fassel, Fujairah
G+M+15, Safad, Fujairah
Fujairah Port Office A, Fujairah Port
Fujairah Port Office B, Fujairah Port
Fujairah Port Office, Fujairah Port
Al Safeer Mall & Hotel
KM Trading (Hypermart) Extension
General Motor Showroom, Anajaimat , Fujairah
Fujairah Workers' Residential City, Fujairah
JAL Resort, Al Fiqait, Fujairah
Aluminium Factory , Fujairah
Palace Villa , Fujairah